BSI helps PFM Manufacturing, Inc. Meet Military Manufacturing Requirements through Certification to Globally Recognized Aerospace Quality Standard

Press release - RESTON, VA - September 28, 2011

PFM Manufacturing, Inc., manufacturer of products and services for commercial and military markets, has been awarded certification by BSI Group America, Inc. to AS9100 Revision C, the risk management standard for aerospace quality.

The certification recognizes PFM Manufacturing’s commitment to meeting military manufacturing and performance requirements with its SMSS (Squad Mission Support System) and “Land Tamer” vehicle. It demonstrates clearly that PFM Manufacturing has continuous improvement systems in place for its risk management and component traceability procedures to ensure the continuity of operations in any eventuality.

In a politically unstable environment, and particularly in battle zones, risk management is an essential process for any manufacturing company. Risk management will help an organization establish a robust framework of processes to ensure consistent equipment performance in high risk environments, such as a war zone.

Accredited, independent, third party verification from a global market leader such as BSI means far more than just a certificate. Certification ultimately gives confidence to the government, military leaders, soldiers in the field, and society in general that PFM Manufacturing delivers products that meet military quality requirements that will hold up and perform in the most critical situations.