BSI Responds to Marketplace Business Challenge BSI Launches New Version of Entropy™ Software

Press release - Reston, VA - May 18, 2009 

BSI, a leading provider of management systems, software, and supply chain security, today announced it has delivered a major enhancement to its Entropy software portfolio to enable organizations to mitigate risk, thereby protecting their brand and reputation for good governance. 

Good governance is indispensable to an organization’s risk management strategy.  A comprehensive approach to an organization’s compliance standing yields dividends from streamlined business processes. The mileage obtained from the visibility into an organization’s compliance obligations frees them from being saddled with data overload, and enables effective decision making.

Responding to a common business challenge, the Entropy solution provides a single gateway to an integrated risk and compliance solution to reduce overlap and address gaps across a business. The Entropy solution streamlines data collection across organizational units to ensure that a holistic compliance view is realized. 

Entropy™ is a Web-based software solution that serves as a productivity suite for modular management systems, enabling companies to manage governance, risk and compliance issues in an integrated manner across their business.  Entropy’s integrated management system platform for environmental, health and safety, quality, security, business continuity, supply chain and a company’s own requirements fall within five key workflows:

  1. Audit & Compliance Management;
  2. Incident Management;
  3. Performance Management;
  4. Risk Management; and
  5. Knowledge Management.

Entropy™ Version 3.8 brings processes, information technology and existing teams together to improve efficiency, analysis, knowledge management and internal control.   “Very few companies have the ability to join up their management system information and make it accessible on demand . . . when you do this, the efficiency gains are significant and deliver a genuine ROI. ” said Gary Robinson, Vice President of Product Management, Americas region.

The resulting benefits are reduced incident and document management costs, greater resource efficiencies, and better internal controls. All of these enhance an organization’s competitiveness due to greater data integrity and reliability for internal and external reporting.  

 To learn how Entropy can accelerate management systems implementation and improve overall performance of existing systems, visit, or call 1-888-429-6178 to schedule a demo.