BSI's Partnership with BCI

BSI has partnered with the Business Continuity Institute (BCI), the world's eminent association of business continuity management (BCM) professionals, to promote the highest standards of professional competence and commercial ethics in the provision and maintenance of business continuity planning and services.

As the world's first national standards body and the global leader in business standards, BSI works hard to develop new standards that provide value to its clients, many of which  become ISO standards through the International Organization for Standardization, the world's largest developer and publisher of international standards.

BSI developed BS 25999, the world’s first British Standard for continuity management, to help businesses be prepared to handle the unpredictable. As a leading member of the development committee, the BCI played a key role in finalizing this standard. Since that time, BSI and the BCI have formed a strong relationship that together brings BCM best practices to organizations and individuals.

Large organizations, such as Citigroup and Repligen, have recognized the importance and value of business continuity management and have taken the necessary steps to gain certification to BS 25999 to ensure their ability to continue operations during and after unforeseen events.

By certifying your organization to BS 25999, your organization will demonstrate to key stakeholders that it practices resilience strategies and recovery objectives that mitigate the impact of day-to-day incidents as well as man-made and natural disasters, thereby preventing irreparable damage, and protecting the organization’s reputation and corporate brand.

By employing members of the BCI or certifying your BCM professionals with the BCI, your organization is further strengthened through ensuring that all Business Continuity professionals achieve a minimum level of competency and knowledge is consistent across the organization based on the most widely accepted BCM standard.