Webinar: Beyond the cloud; securing the future of aerospace

The COVID-19 pandemic has accelerated digital working by five years*, and whilst technology has continued to advance, so have information and cybersecurity threats. In many organizations, the ability to exploit technology weaknesses has outpaced the ability to defend against them.

Within the increasingly interconnected aerospace ecosystem, it’s vital that organizations across the sector mobilize in order to improve resilience and build trust across the entire industry.

BSI’s Global Head of Aerospace, Brendon Hill, Global Managing Director of BSI’s Cybersecurity and Information Resilience division, Mark Brown and Global Head of Information Security and Business Continuity (Assurance), Willy Fabritius, come together as an expert panel for this live webinar. They will explore the mitigation and reduction of digitally enabled operational risk exposures and data breaches, focusing on:

  • Protecting Intellectual Property (design theft, counterfeit parts etc.)
  • Maintaining integrity of the airframe and its connected parts
  • Collaborating in the interconnected aerospace ecosystem
  • Fostering upstream and downstream supply chain collaboration
  • Drivers, threats and challenges in the sector, today and beyond
  • Navigating increased privacy risks and global regulatory requirements
  • Driving industry best practice through outcomes-based standards, certification and consulting
  • Raising your organization’s maturity level


Whatever your organization’s level of ambition, our panel will provide the latest insights and expert commentary to help you enhance your organization’s cybersecurity and information resilience. 

*Source: McKinsey

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