Management Representative Skills for Quality, Health, Safety, and Environment Training Course

This Certified Quality Management Representative training is for enhance your Management Representative (MR) competency. As you join this training course you can do the best practice as a MR so you can improve your business performance in implementation of Quality Management System, Health and Safety Management System, and Environmental Management System.

Who should attend to the training?

  • Your Top Management
  • General Manager, Manager, Supervisor
  • Management Representative (MR)
  • All management level member

What will I learn in the training?

  • Introduction MR fuction
  • Introduction Management QHSE 
  • Structure Management QHSE 
  • Requirements Management QHSE 
  • Leadership
  • Audit process Management QHSE 

How will I benefit by the training?

  • Understand about Management QHSE requirements
  • The effective implementation method for Quality Management
  • Gain the highest competency for Quality, Health and Safety, Environment representative so you able to be the best Management Representative (MR)
  • Able to find the best solution for system implementation on your organization

What's included in the training?

  • Training pack (training materials, BSI pen, training course note)
  • Lunch
  • Refreshments