Energy Management ISO 50001 Registered Auditor

Learn the tools you’ll need to develop and manage energy projects at the Energy Institute’s head office in London. You’ll conduct a work based feasibility study supplemented by an examination.

This 12 day course, led by experts, will give you the knowledge and tools such as exercise spreadsheets necessary to use in your organization to manage energy effectively.

Tutors will supervise and support your work-based feasibility study and successful completion of an examination will give you the Energy Institute Level 3 – Advanced energy manager qualification.

You will cover topics from energy fundamentals through to working with renewables, refrigeration and heating.


The qualification is assessed on a feasibility study for a project and presentation of the project to a panel (50%) and an examination (50%).


On successful completion of the course, students are awarded the Energy Institute Level 3 – Advanced energy manager qualification demonstrating rounded energy management competencies, and the ability to develop a successful energy project.

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at experienced energy professionals who are responsible for managing energy and are tasked with improving energy efficiency and reducing energy cost. Delegates will normally have three or more years’ experience and be looking to gain an advanced professional qualification to support their energy management experience.

What will I learn?

  • How to develop energy saving projects.
  • How to show the ROI of managing energy better to business management.
  • How to evaluate and monitor financial savings.
  • How to use a rounded set of energy management technologies and principles.

How will my organization benefit?

Your company will have internal knowledge of an Energy Manager to carry out effective energy management who can also develop a successful energy project.

This can help to reduce energy costs, drive a business’s sustainability agenda and improve business opportunities where an organization’s sustainability credentials is a factor during tendering processes .