Energy Management ISO 50001 Registered Auditor

Learn how to save energy, reduce your operational costs and carbon emissions with practical steps you’ll need to take to implement an effective programme of energy management.

This e-learning course is aimed at those with a role in energy management, those responsible for energy costs and those who want a practical introduction to the subject. It covers the knowledge needed to build an energy management process and the practicalities involved when sourcing and measuring energy use. You will consider areas from energy auditing to promoting awareness throughout your business.


The qualification is assessed based on the completion of a multiple choice examination including both managerial and calculation elements.


Level 1 - Certificate in energy management essentials

Who should attend?

This course is aimed at professionals who have recently taken up a role with energy management responsibilities, or any responsibility for energy costs and want a practical introduction to the subject. Students will normally be new to energy management, or have up to one year’s experience.

What will I learn?

  • Internationally associated with excellence and best practice, BSI qualifications will reassure your clients of your own rigorous standards.
  • How to effectively manage energy including saving energy, reducing operational costs and carbon emissions.
  • What is required to comply with legislation.
  • How to meet an organization’s environmental goals.
  • What practical steps to take to implement an effective programme of energy management.
  • What are the financial aspects of energy management.
  • How to develop and present cases for investing in energy efficiency measures.
  • How to monitor energy use to identify waste and track the performance of measures implemented.

How will my organization benefit?

Your company will have internal knowledge to carry out effective energy management This can help to reduce energy costs, drive a business’s sustainability agenda and improve business opportunities where an organization’s sustainability credentials is a factor during tendering processes.