Food Safety | Food Handling and Hygiene

It is imperative for any organization involved in food to reduce contamination and decrease the risk of illness. Understand the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) involved in proper food hygiene and handling with our half-day training course. Our experienced tutors will teach you and your staff how to improve hygiene habits and exercise safe handling according to global best practice.

Organizations around the world recognize the risks associated with food handling and food hygiene, and they understand that eliminating those risks are important. If those risks are reduced, then organizations are less likely to be liable, and will be able to generate positive branding and repeat business.

The course will provide you with the basic knowledge and skills to identify contamination risks, understand poor handling habits, recognize bad hygiene practices and then implement correct techniques to combat those practices.

Who should attend?

  • Kitchen Staff
  • Production Managers
  • Serving Staff
  • Production and Maintenance Managers
  • Stewarding Managers (hospitality)

Learning objectives

  • Explain causes of food contamination
  • Describe the results of food contamination
  • Describe bad hygiene habits and consequences
  • Explain potential risk associated with staff health status
  • Prevent food contamination by the use of good food handling practices


Course Benefits

  • Reduction in poor personal hygiene habits
  • Improved understanding and compliance of company SOPs
  • Reduction in instances of poor food handling practices
  • Improved identification of food contamination risks as a result of bad hygiene habits and poor food handling practices
  • Compliance with global best practice


Next Steps

  • Allergen Management and VITAL 2 - Understand how you can manage allergies in manufacturing and how you can use the VITAL tool to minimise the impact of allergen cross-contact
  • HACCP Requirements - Gain a deeper knowledge of the 7 HACCP principles, understand HACCP’s critical control processes and learn how to conduct a hazard analysis with this RABQSA accredited training course
  • Good Manufacturing Practices - Learn about the common dangers associated with manufacturing and protect your production line against environmental contaminants