Lean Six Sigma Training

Lean Six Sigma is a two staged approach which drives continual improvement in organizations and strives towards greater than 99% efficiency.

Lean refers to maximizing customer value and minimizing the areas of waste in processes; creating enhanced customer satisfaction and less wasted resources. Six Sigma is the ongoing effort to continually reduce product and process variation through a defined project approach.

Combined, the two approaches can result in benefits including reduced costs, retained business, improved staff morale and increased customer satisfaction.

Cutting edge in certified Lean Six Sigma courses

Invest in your continual growth with a Lean Six Sigma certification programme with us. We are here to help you develop the knowledge and skills to deliver improvements to your organization’s profitability,  customer satisfaction and market share. 

From manufacturing to service industries, our experienced teams deliver training throughout Asia Pacific on Lean, Six Sigma, Lean Sigma and Innovation. Our time-tested Lean Six Sigma certification programmes use accelerated learning techniques, combined with the latest software, so you leave the training with us the essential skills the market requires, as well as the confidence to apply your new skills to improve business performance.


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