SS 577:2012 - Water Efficiency Management Systems (WEMS)

The Singapore Standard SS 577:2012 is the national standard on water efficiency management systems, jointly launched by the Singapore Standards Council and PUB, the national water agency. The standard, the first of its kind in the world, provides organizations with a framework and a set of guidelines to put in place policies, systems and processes to improve water usage and efficiency.


Water is a scarce resource with the non-domestic sector consuming about 55 per cent of Singapore’s daily water demand.  Non-domestic water users therefore play a pivotal role in playing their part in conserving water by implementing a system to manage their water usage more efficiently, allowing them to achieve water savings, reduce operational costs and become more competitive.


The Singapore Accreditation Council launched a new accreditation programme for Water Efficiency Management System certification in 2013.  The programme aims to increase the industry’s confidence by providing accredited third party assurance of SS 577 certifications through competent certification bodies. The accreditation programme also supports the water efficiency initiatives of the Singapore Water Authority, PUB.


BSI Group Singapore is accredited to certify companies to SS 577:2012 WEMS.