BSI Training Qualifications

BSI Training Qualifications

Validate your learning with a BSI qualification

Validate your learning with a BSI qualification

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Validate your learning with a BSI qualification
Validate your learning with a BSI qualification
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Auditor qualifications

Stand out from the crowd with an industry-recognized BSI auditor qualification

Increasingly, our clients are expecting auditors to focus not just on compliance to a standard, but to identify opportunities for improvement. Whether that’s about cutting costs or increasing productivity, the benefits of improvement are tangible, enabling organizations to thrive.


Auditors can now develop their skills and careers by becoming a qualified internal or lead auditor with a process improvement focus, using various tools to enhance auditing skills.


Auditing for process improvement

By first understanding the requirements of the standard, you can then move to be a lead auditor either from an internal auditor or direct to be a lead.


After completing your standards-specific auditing course, you can attend our process improvement training modules to identify improvement opportunities and gain an industry-recognized badge of distinction, from practitioner auditor to professional. Completing our online exams after each stage of the qualification will validate your learning.


For the final stage, to become a certified auditor professional is to submit post-course evidence after attending the process improvement modules.


Enhance your professional profile

You’ll earn a standards-specific BSI badge at each stage of your journey – Process Improvement Practitioner, Process Improvement Auditor and Certified Auditor Professional – evidence that you excel and have the examinable results to prove it. Add your badge to your CV and your LinkedIn profile to showcase your qualifications.

BSI Internal and Lead Auditor Qualifications

As an auditor, your skills extend beyond compliance. Increasingly, we find clients are looking for auditors to identify opportunities for improvement for the benefit of the organization.

As a lead auditor, you set the benchmark within your organization and within your team of auditors.

A qualification in lead auditing from BSI could earn you respect and enhance your professional profile.

Start you journey today by choosing the auditor course of your choice:

The pathway to be Certified Auditor Professional (CAP)

Certified Auditor Professional (CAP) for Six Sigma or Lean Sigma belter


To attain Certified Lead Implementer, you need to go through the journey below: