Creative and Innovative Problem Solving

Course details

2013 Dates: 14 May, 12 November

2012 Remaining Dates: 6 December

Course Format: Interactive, discussion with practical application

Course description

This practical and 'hands on' workshop is designed to be a catalyst for innovation and creativity! Based on the latest thinking and best practice, it will encourage you to resolve problems by dispensing with the traditional theory and focusing on new ways to solve your problems.

Course Objectives

Help committee members to:

Develop innovative and creative skills to assess and solve your workplace problems

  • Make more effective use of your own and your colleagues' creative thinking skills
  • Assess the impact on the business of your recommendations for change
  • Use 'Silent Storming' to lead innovative and creative problem solving sessions
  • Understand how to present new ideas to secure the 'buy in' of others to implement change
  • Construct a report that clearly outlines the thinking process, conclusions and recommendations for making change happen