We understand the complexity and competitiveness of the construction industry, and the challenges this brings for companies seeking to improve margins, reduce costs and improve predictability. Whether you’re involved in infrastructure or buildings, public, private or PPP, we understand the challenges you face including managing financial risks, efficient delivery, or meeting legislative or environmental requirements.  Plus we recognise the need to find innovative solutions whilst also avoiding project over-runs.

We help thousands of construction companies control multiple risks, with our range of solutions to help drive efficiency, manage compliance, control day to day risks and encourage greater collaboration and successful supply chain management.

Your technical advantage

Clients tell us they choose our services due to the expertise and knowledge of our technical teams, our geographical reach, and the support they receive.

Your commercial advantage

Adoption of standards and certification with BSI helps our clients inspire trust and attract new customers, as well as gain a competitive edge. Clients tell us they are able to speed up the pre-qualifying stage for tenders, as certification with BSI delivers the evidence required to demonstrate a reputable company.