Food Safety / Food Act 2014 | Standards

Recognized Food Safety Programmes (MPI)

Approval to the Food Act 2014 is critical for business operators to sell food products in New Zealand. The Food Act 2014 is a risk-based approach.

The Food Act 2014 outlines the requirements to achieve the safety and suitability of food for sale, maintain and improve confidence in New Zealand’s food safety regime and provide for risk-based measures that minimise and manage risks to public health. The Act applies to all food business operators trading in food. Most businesses are required to operate under Food Control Plans or National Programmes.

BSI is recognised by Ministry for Primary Industries (MPI) to verify:

  • Custom Food Control Plan
  • National Programmes
  • Template Food Control Plan

As a leading food safety certification provider, BSI has extensive auditing for a wide range of food safety and business standards across the entire food and beverage supply chain. We can provide the local delivery of global certifications and can integrate other food standards into your verification such as:

  • British Retail Consortium (BRC),
  • ALDI Supplier Requirements (ALDI),
  • Woolworths Supplier Excellence Program (WSEP),
  • Safe Quality Food Program (SQF)

Large, global food organizations rely on suppliers like you to help meet the needs and expectations of their customers. Being verified to the Food Act 2014 helps you to protect the health of the customers and ensure them that the products they buy are produced with the same focus on food safety as they have in place in their own facilities.