Why choose training with BSI

Why choose training with BSI

Use our experts and increase your safety

Use our experts and increase your safety

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Our tutors

  • Train the assessors who check your compliance with standards – so they know what your training needs to achieve.
  • Many are experienced assessors themselves.
  • Work across many industries and sectors so understand the practical challenges you face.
  • Know how people work and can change habits that may have set in over time.
  • Use accelerated learning techniques to inspire and turn enthusiasm into tangible results.
  • Are skilled at communicating how to improve performance.

Our approach

Within our training courses we use accelerated learning techniques to help you progress naturally and quickly. We encourage interaction and collaboration because the more involved you are, the more positive the outcome.

We also keep the courses varied and put your learning in context to give you an enjoyable and successful learning experience.

Our venues

We deliver five star learning at first class venues. These are selected especially to make sure you learn in the best possible environment with great facilities and refreshments. This way you can focus on and maximize your learning experience.

We are adding new courses and locations all the time, so if you can’t find the course you want in the location you want contact us on 1300 730 134.

99% of course delegates say they would recommend BSI. Here are some of their reasons for doing so:

  • Expert trainers
  • Experience and breadth of training
  • Brand association
  • Choice of course style
  • Ease of booking
  • Quality course materials
  • Reputable venues