Introducing Third Party Verification (TPV)

All Ageing, Disability and Home care (ADHC) funded services provider will be required to undertake Third Party Verification (TPV) during the term of the current (2015-18) funding agreement (FA).

Attaining TPV is a critical step in NSW when applying for NDIS Provider Registration. Additionally, if your organization is transitioning to NDIS you also need to go through this TPV process. Organizations operating under the NDIS are required to meet requirements detailed in the ADHC quality policy until the National Disability Insurance Agency releases the National Quality and Safeguard Framework.

Service providers delivering non-direct client supports only, will be required to undertake a modified process of third party verification where organizational performance is assessed against the NSW DSS that most relate to the services they deliver. Not all elements of the Standards will be relevant for providers delivering non-direct client supports, as the Standards have been developed to cover the full range of supports that ADHC funds. Therefore it is possible that some elements of the Standards may not apply to a particular service provider depending on the types of supports being delivered.

What is Third Party Verification (TPV)?

TPV ensures your organization meets compliance obligations. By going through this process, you’ll be better equipped to support your employees and provide your clients with confidence in meeting their needs. You’ll have the opportunity to revise your existing systems and processes, allowing your organization to excel under the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

If your organization has achieved TPV prior to 30 June 2015, you still need to complete another TPV assessment during the term of each funding agreement (2015-18).