Introduction to Cloud Security and STAR Certification

Increasing numbers of organizations recognize the potential cost benefits of outsourcing all or part of their information technology needs to cloud service providers.

Many providers will hold ISO/IEC 27001 Information Security Management System certification, but does this go far enough for your cloud security needs?

The Cloud Security Alliance, in partnership with BSI has produced the CSA STAR assurance certification for cloud service providers.

This one day course will provide an insight into the fundamentals of cloud computing, it’s advantages and disadvantages, whilst providing an insight into how the CSA STAR certification model will work and how it can help you to decide if you wish to outsource your services to the cloud. Learn what Cloud Computing is, how do we secure it, and how a STAR certified Cloud Services Provider can give you the level of assurance you need.

Who should attend?

  • Quality managers
  • Information Security Officers
  • IT managers

Learning objectives

  • Understand the different services available to organizations
  • Explain the differences between the different types of cloud
  • Understand the concept of the CSA Cloud Controls Matrix
  • Indentify the advantages of a STAR certified Cloud Service Provider
  • Understand where ISO/IECC 27001 fits with the Cloud Controls matrix

Course Benefits

  • Improve individual cloud computing knowledge.
  • Allow organizations to make informed decisions around cloud service provider selection.
  • Provide an appreciation of the security requirements for a cloud service.
  • Appreciation of how ISO/IEC 27001 certification helps with cloud service provider arrangements.

Next Steps

  • Auditing Cloud Security for STAR Certification - Led by an experienced tutor, this one-day course will help you learn how to audit cloud security for the STAR certification programme and learn how to apply the maturity model when auditing a provider’s security controls.
  • Certified STAR Auditor - Led by an experienced tutor, this two-day course will help you learn how to conduct an audit for STAR certification and will work through a detailed case study to teach you how to determine a rating for STAR certification. To successfully complete this course, you will need to pass an examination.

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