Introduction to ISO 39001

The new ISO 39001 Road Traffic Safety (RTS) Management System standard urges organisations to demonstrate commitment to the safety and welfare of employees and the general public to reduce road traffic risks. This one-day Introduction to ISO 39001 training course introduces the key concepts of RTS, explains the benefits of an RTS management system, and outlines the requirements of ISO 39001.

When RTS related incidents, serious accidents and deaths occur, it is the responsibility of organisations involved in road traffic systems and society as a whole to learn how to better reduce and minimize the risks. In addition to the unacceptable human costs, there are also financial implications for those concerned with roads, vehicles, road users and emergency medical services.

A RTS management system based upon ISO 39001 can provide your organization with an international best-practice framework for managing your responsibilities and interactions with the road traffic system. 

Who should attend?

  • Transport planners
  • Fleet managers
  • Occupational health and safety experts
  • Human resources managers
  • Road safety managers
  • Enforcement authorities
  • Internal and external management systems auditors and lead auditors who are new to RTSM and leading RTSMS audits
  • Existing management system practitioners who are new to RTSM and the requirements of an RTSMS
  • Those interested in finding out more about RTS management system

Learning objectives

  • How to identify the key concepts of ISO 39001 Road Traffic Safety Management
  • How RTS management fits into your organization
  • How to demonstrate the business benefits of implementing an effective RTS management system in your organisation
  • How to identify the requirements of ISO 39001 standard

Course Benefits

  • Your organisation can start to develop expertise enabling it to prioritise the importance of preventing road traffic incidents
  • It can help to engage stakeholders and develop familiarity with the requirements of ISO 39001
  • It can help to drive continual improvement in the area of risk which can be devastating to those affected by road traffic incidents.

Next Steps

  • Implementing ISO 39001 training course - Further your understanding of Road Traffic Safety Management with our two-day Implementing ISO 39001. Learn about what is required to implement an ISO 39001 compliant management system in your organization 
  • ISO 9001 Requirements training course - Understand and demystify the requirements of implementing and refining a robust quality management system in your organization
  • AS/NZS 4801 | OHSAS 18001 Requirements training course - Understand how to implement a best practice workplace health and safety system to reduce employee injuries and successfully manage occupational risks
  • ISO 14001 Requirements training course - Learn how to reduce your environmental footprint using an internationally recognized standard. Utilize your environmental management system to reduce costs and maximize your organization's potential

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