Internal Auditor ISO 39001

A Road Traffic Safety Management System based on ISO 39001 can provide your organization with an international best-practice framework for managing road safety risks, evaluating their impact, and developing the capability to achieve results that meet objectives and contribute to the welfare of employees and societal goals.

Over two days, led by our experienced instructor, you will develop the knowledge and skills required to undertake a thorough audit of a Roat Traffic Safety Management System (RTSMS). Using practical exercises, group activities and class discussions, you will be guided through the principles and practices of auditing and how it applies to conducting the audit of an ISO 39001 RTSMS.

Who should attend?

  • Transport planners
  • Fleet managers
  • Occupational health and safety experts
  • Human resources managers
  • Road safety managers
  • Enforcement authorities
  • Internal and external management systems auditors and lead auditors who are new to RTSM and leading RTSMS audits
  • Existing management system practitioners who are new to RTSM and the requirements of an RTSMS
  • Those interested in finding out more about RTSM

Learning objectives

  • The key auditing requirements of ISO 39001
  • How to plan a RTSMS audit
  • How to undertake a RTSMS audit
  • How to report on the audit findings
  • How to conduct audit follow-up and closeout

Course Benefits

  • There will be an increased awareness within your business about RTS
  • Your organization will be able to consistently evaluate its RTS performance
  • It can help to drive continual improvement in the area of risk which can be devastating to those affected by road traffic incidents
  • Your organization can build expertise in supplier/subcontractor (2nd party) and independent audits (3rd party) and how they would operate
  • Successful implementation and evaluation of your organization’s RTSMS can help to improve reputation and can boost your organization’s ability to tender where RTS is a factor during the bidding process

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