Good Manufacturing Practices

Good manufacturing practices (GMP) are essential to any organization looking to reduce the risk and liability that can result from poor handling within a food operation.

This half-day course looks at the common dangers associated with manufacturing. Our expert tutors will teach you how to manage and improve your organization’s processes, ensuring that you remain in complete control over general hygiene procedures and environmental contaminants.

The good manufacturing practices featured in this course are featured as prerequisites as defined in the CODEX Alimentarius General Principle of Food Hygiene. Attending this course will allow you to review existing workplace GMP’s and understand that impact on food safety. 

Who should attend?

  • Senior Level Chefs
  • Production Managers
  • Maintenance Managers
  • Purchasers
  • Stewarding Managers (hospitality) 
Good Manufacturing Practices

Learning objectives

  • Explain food safety risks from good manufacturing practices
  • Demonstrate knowledge of each good manufacturing practice component and their impact on food safety
  • Be able to review existing work place GMPs and amend them accordingly, if required

Course Benefits

  • Improved knowledge of GMP
  • Enhanced ability to identify potential food safety risks from GMP
  • Correct implementation of GMP
  • Compliance with global best practice

Next Steps

  • Food Handling and Hygiene - Understand the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) involved in proper food hygiene and handling to reduce contamination and decrease the risk of illness
  • Allergen Management and VITAL 2 - Understand how you can manage allergies in manufacturing and how you can use the VITAL tool to minimize the impact of allergen cross-contact
  • HACCP Requirements - Gain a deeper knowledge of the 7 HACCP principles, understand HACCP’s critical control processes and learn how to conduct a hazard analysis with this BSI recognized training course

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