Hear from our Auditors

At BSI we employ auditors with experience spanning many industries, enabling us to find the right match for you. Their in-depth knowledge of your business sector will help you get the best out of your management system. They will assist you in making continual improvements to your organization, ensuring you make excellence a habit.

Listen to what our auditors have to say:



Auditor: Stephanie Vincent

In your opinion, what makes a great client 'great' from a food safety perspective?


Auditors: Stephanie Vincent, Margaret Belfour and Clare Winkel

How do your audits positively contribute to a client's risk management?


Auditors: Stephanie Vincent and Clare Winkel

Give me an example of a situation where a seemingly adverse audit outcome has had a major benefit




Auditors: Trish Parata

Trish explains the importance of industry experience


Auditors: Ratna Pullela

Ratna talks about risk


Auditors: Margaret Belfour and Clare Winkel

What commercial value does certification deliver to clients business?


Auditors: Margaret Belfour and Clare Winkel

For a client new to certification, what is your advice on how to maximize their business


Auditors: Margaret Belfour, Clare Winkel and Stephanie Vincent

Why do you ask questions and raise non-conformances for things previous auditors have not even looked at?


Auditor: Clare Winkel 

What makes your audits more efficient, what makes them slower?


Auditors: Trish Parata, Chee Meng Wong and Ratna Pullela 

Ladder of knowledge


Auditors: Margaret Belfour and Clare Winkel 

How does skills and knowledge transfer occur during an audit?


Auditors: Clare Winkel, Stephanie Vincent and Margaret Belfour  

How are corrective actions (and lots of them), good for a client's system, its people and the product?


Auditors: Clare Winkel and Margaret Belfour  

What gives you most satisfaction, post the food safety audit?