OHSAS 18001:2007 Occupational Health & Safety Management System Internal Auditor Training Course

Train to become an OHSAS 18001 internal auditor and constantly push for better improvement on your system. Internally auditing your system repeatedly is the only way you could ensure that your health and safety framework is up-to-date. 

Our tutors you will explain to you the process for planning and execution of an effective audit; as well as proper report writing  and proper corrective actions taken when you enrol in our two-days OHSAS 18001 Internal Auditor training course. 

Who should attend?

  • Health and safety professionals, consultants or practitioners
  • Those with responsibility for carrying out internal audits have the most to gain, taking away expertise to share with your organisation. We welcome existing and newly appointed auditors, health and safety managers and advisers, environmental managers and advisers and integrated risk managers

This training course is HRDF approved under the SBL scheme. On completion, you’ll be awarded an internationally recognized BSI Training Academy certificate.

What will I learn?

  • Learn the process of conducting internal audits to identify gaps within the system that requires improvement
  • Role-play, share and discuss best practice methods from other organizations to audit to OHSAS 18001 requirements
  • Learn to continuously improve your health and safety system

How will I benefit?

  • Consolidate your understanding of an effective occupational health and safety management audit
  • Gain confidence in identifying gaps and areas of concern in your own occupational health and safety management system
  • Learn how to quickly close gaps and strengthen health and safety in your business
  • Deliver continuous improvement through the latest occupational health and safety practices
  • Share expertise across your organisation to build a culture of health and safety awareness
  • Achieve the highest standard of working environment and build employee, business and customer confidence. 

Learning method

Our unique accelerated approach fast-tracks learning, improves knowledge retention and ensures you get the skills to apply your knowledge straight away. This course involves practical activities as well as toolkits, templates and classroom learning to help you develop a deeper understanding of the material and have a greater impact on job performance. 
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