Managing Successful Projects

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Learn how to use effective project techniques to help you reduce spend, meet and beat deadlines and pre-empt and plan for problems before they take place.

We’ll show what is required when planning your project and give you essential tools and techniques to put them into practice.

These include understanding the project requirements, organizing and preparing the project for implementation, managing your baseline with detail of work structures, critical activities and tasks.

Also how to budget with precision to maximize resources, how to manage change and disruption to the project schedule, how to measure and control your project and how to close it and hand over. 

Who should attend?

Those responsible for managing projects or those who are about to become involved in the management, planning or implementation of a project will benefit from attending this course.

Suggested job roles include:

  • Project managers
  • Project consultants
  • Project coordinators
  • Systems developers
  • Program managers
  • Systems managers
Understand the requirements of a project.

What will I learn?

  • How to understand the requirements of a project including creating change, key dimensions, project phrases
  • How to organize projects including the project manager role, assessing risks and setting objectives
  • How to manage the baseline including planning in detail, breaking down the work structure, creating project activity tables, critical activities, scheduling tasks, people and non-people resources
  • How to cost, estimate and budget including managing money and time as resources, budgeting effectively and controlling budgets
  • How to manage change, dealing with contradicting needs between the customer, project manager and project team
  • How to measure control and control the project including keeping accurate records and forecasting effectively
  • How to close the project and hand over power.


How will I benefit?

  • Your company will be have a project management champion who understands the best ways to ensure projects are planned and managed effectively
  • Projects will be more accurately costed and budgeted for
  • Projects which are not viable can be spotted early
  • More effective use of time and resources will be planned for
  • Projects will have contingency and buffers built in to give better forecasting 
  • Ending projects can be managed better without leaving work open ended
  • You will gain 16 CPD points on completing the course.

What is it about?

Learn the essential components to plan your project successfully including organizational skills and budgeting with precision and managing change and conflict.
This course is delivered by our partner Reed Learning in association with Insights, an APM Accredited Training Provider.