Polymeric Plastic Pipes

The Kitemark is synonymous with polymetric plastics pipes and fittings within the global construction industry and BSI exclusively offer these schemes to industry. Our UKAS accredited testing facilities and on site certification expertise ensure BSI are the natural choice for your compliance needs. The laboratory offers compliance and independent verification testing for R&D projects.

BSI is a Notified Body for many directives including the Construction Products Directive (CPD) for CE marking. CPD will begin to fully impact on polymeric plastics pipes and fitting products.

Polymetric plastics pipes and fittings are used for a vast array of industrial applications such as: 

  • Soil and waste
  • Sewers
  • Subsoil field drains
  • Cold and hot potable water
  • Gas uses manufactured in materials such as ABS, PVC, PE, PE-X, PB and PP

Typical performance tests conducted at the specialist BSI polymetric laboratory include:

  • Dimensional
  • Impact
  • Tensile strength
  • High temperature performance
  • Hydrostatic pressure
  • Thermal stability
  • Weathering

Product type testing through BSI can be included as part of product compliance for Kitemark and CE marking.  BSI thermal cycling and hydrostatic testing rigs for plastic pipes, support not only Kitemark applications but offer invaluable research and development of new piping systems.

Standards for Polymeric Pipes & Fittings

Supply and distribution

Rainwater drainage systems

Kitemark Schemes

  • BS EN ISO 15876 Polybutylene pipes and fittings for hot and cold water supply and underfloor heating systems

Comprehensive service

Kitemark schemes for polymeric pipes and fittings consist of three key elements:

  1. Initial assessment of the manufacturer’s quality management systems
  2. Product type testing to the relevant standard
  3. Continuing assessment of the quality system and annual audit testing.

Kitemark for Gas Distribution

When the Gas Distribution Networks - National Grid, Scotia Gas Networks, Northern Gas Networks, and Wales & West Utilities - choose to specify the Kitemark for products used on their networks the message is quite clear – BSI Kitemark demonstrates product quality and consistency.

The value and importance of the Kitemark in ensuring confident purchasing decisions, consistent product manufacture and safe, reliable products cannot be underestimated for major utility companies.

Kitemark certification

Gas Distribution Networks will require all products used on the gas distribution networks to have BSI Kitemark certification. As such BSI  has started the process of certification against and agreed suite of Gas Industry Standards (GIS) for the Gas Distribution Networks.

This means that any existing Transco approved product that is purchased under an existing contract must be Kitemark certified by the time a new contract for that product is awarded, or within six months, whichever is the greater.

In the case of new contracts commencing after April 2007, the Gas Distribution Networks will only purchase products that have been Kitemark certified as conforming to the initial set of GIS's implemented in October 2006.

Standards for Drainage & Sewerage

The Standards for Polymeric Pipes & Fittings (Drainage & Sewerage) Soil and waste discharge systems.

  • BS EN 1329 PVC-U soil and ventilating pipes and fittings
  • BS EN 1401-1 PVC-U piping systems for underground drainage and sewerage

Rainwater drainage systems

BSI Kitemark Schemes

  • BS EN 12380 Air admittance valves for drainage systems