BSI Kitemark for glass in domestic appliances

When safety matters most, glass manufacturers trust the BSI Kitemark™

Your commercial advantage

We can help you gain a competitive advantage and attract new business by matching your innovation in manufacturing with innovation in the BSI Kitemark.

We understand the pressures you as a manufacturer face, to be more innovative than your competitors while creating products with greater efficiency, sustainability and to get them to market quickly and safely.

In a recent survey, 77.5% of clients said their BSI Kitemark certification had helped them to attract new customers*.

The BSI Kitemark helps our clients keep up with new innovation and demonstrate reliable safe products. 

Demonstrate technical competence

By achieving and maintaining a BSI Kitemark for glass for domestic appliances, you will demonstrate that you meet the requirements of the recognised industry standard:

BS 3193:2008. Specification for thermally toughened glass panels for use in domestic appliances

*Client survey 2013.