Security Awareness for Operational Technology (OT)

This OT Awareness briefing is aimed at providing an understanding of the security issues associated with these environments and to enable organizations to create / enhance their security culture.

Duration: 1 hour

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Who should attend?

  • Anyone who works within an industrial setting
  • A subsequent version of this awareness training can also be targeted at end users and anyone working with OT devices and or smart industrial environments

What will I learn?

  • A better understanding of how to recognize and avoid security risks in an Operational Technology environment
  • A better understanding of best practices for safety and security in Operational Technology (OT) environments 
  • A better understanding of the reasons why Operational Technology settings require a different security mindset than Enterprise IT settings

Course schedule

  • Introduction to OT Security
  • Why OT Security is important
  • OT Security mitigation strategies and golden rules to reduce risk for operators and engineers

What's included?

  • Handouts or digital copy of the materials
  • Certificate of attendance