Training Courses for ISO 55001 Asset Management

Learn more about ISO 55001 with our range of training courses. Our experts can help you to understand and audit an Asset Management system, enabling you to better manage financial, physical or organizational assets. This could lead to better operating results, performance and improve your bottom line.

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We can deliver training at your premises, charging by the day rather than by delegate, providing a cost effective way of training a larger group.

Training course

Fundamental, Requirement and Key of Auditing ISO 55001:2014


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    • Get a clear understanding of asset management terminology and its correct usage
    • Appreciation of asset management practices, activities and methodologies
    • Recognition of the value obtainable from the integrated approach to the life cycle and risk-based management of assets
    • What asset management is and why it is important to an organization
    • The benefits of a management system for asset management
    • The key terms, concepts and principles of ISO 55001
    • Explain the principles of auditing to ISO 55001:2014
    • Introduce and apply a four theme approach to assessing the elements of ISO 55001 and their integration 
    • Prepare and conduct asset management audits
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