Foundation and essential tools

5S Auditing >

This training course is essential for organizations who are serious on the continual practice of 5-S and its incorporation into the organizational culture.

A 5S auditor plays an important role in assessing the status of 5S implementation and contributing ideas for enhancement of 5S practices.

2 days classroom training course

Total productive maintenance (TPM): Key to production effectiveness >

This one day training course will provide you with a good overview of the concepts and practical approaches for implementing an effective TPM program. It provides an introduction to the eight pillars of TPM and the TPM implementation roadmap. You will also learn how to identify production losses due to low Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) and establish appropriate action plans.

1 day classroom training course

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) Explained >

This compact one-day course gives due attention to detail clarification of the elements of OEE that are involved in value creation. It enables the organisation to understand the waste and loss in terms of equipment optimization, thus enabling the organisatio to proceed to identify improvement initiatives that impact the organisation’s bottom line.

1 day classroom training course

Lean office : Improving transactional processes with lean >

This one day training course is designed for individuals and teams who work in offices or supporting functions, and the service environment. You will learn about Lean tools, how to identify waste, streamline, and improve process delivery efficiency. This will help you to create flow, reduce hand-offs, improve workplace organization, clarify and standardize work procedures, and subsequently improve transactional / office administrative delivery lead time.

1 day classroom training course


Certified Lean Expert >

This 9 day training programme is split into 2 phases, over 2 months. Attending this course will equip you with the practical knowledge on how to introduce Lean initiatives to the shopfloor. It'll take you through the philosophies, principles and techniques of Lean. Plus you'll develop the knowledge and skills to initiate continuous improvement projects, including project management and how to deal with implementation and change issues.

9 days classroom training course

Certified Lean Master >

By attending this 13-day training you develop a comprehensive understanding of Lean initiatives so you can confidently address Lean issues and spot opportunities at the corporate and operational levels. Plus you'll be able to make recommendations to top management on the direction and vision of the Lean initiatives.

13 days classroom training course

Upgrading to Lean master >

By attending our upgrading to lean master training you will build on your existing Lean expert knowledge. You’ll gain confidence to address lean issues and opportunities at both strategic and operational levels. Plus you’ll be able to make recommendations to top management on direction and vision of lean initiatives.

5 days classroom training course