ISO 10003 Customer Satisfaction Training Course

How does your organization  deal with complaints to ensure that customers do not go to a competitor? Could you be losing customers as a result of existing practice or poor management of this process? 

This two days training course for BS ISO 10003 Customer Satisfaction, will ensure that things not gonna be happen on your organization

Who should attend to the training?

  • Those who need to understand BS ISO 10003 Customer Satisfaction and how it works
  • Those with responsibility for implementing Customer Satisfaction
  • Those with an interest in Customer Satisfaction
How does your organization deal with complaints?

What will I learn in the training?

This course is aimed at all levels within an organization who need an understanding of BS ISO 10003 Customer Satisfaction parts 1 and 2 and the certification process.

This programme is also designed so that BS ISO 10003 Internal Auditor(s) thoroughly understand their role and acquire the learning needed to perform effective audits in their respective organization.

How will my organization benefit by the training?

  • Manage complaints highly effective
  • Gain trust for your customers
  • Gain Better reputation 
  • Avoid losing too much customer
  • Better competion on your business

What's included in the training?

  • Training pack (training materials, BSI pen, training course note)
  • Lunch
  • Refreshments