Security Awareness Training

Employees are often the weakest link in an organization’s security posture, with breaches increasingly being traced back to employee behaviour.

Proofpoint Security Awareness Training, a Software as a Service (SaaS) based security awareness assessment and training solution, trains employees how to recognize and avoid mock phishing attacks. Proofpoint Security Awareness Training platform integrates software-based interactive training, mock cyber-attacks, reporting, and administrative capabilities, into one easy to use system – for both the administrator and the user.

Their training techniques have been proven over time and adopted as accepted learning principles. The software is designed to create "teachable moments" where users learn quickly and effectively. Users learn by doing and are provided immediate feedback to enhance retention. User interaction data collected throughout the training program allows administrators to identify organizational weaknesses to target training.

Certified training courses

Looking for an international certification? Our courses will help you gain the knowledge and skills required to enhance your career and ensure your organization is resilient.

You can select any course from our extensive range and sign up for a classroom course, online course or even have it delivered to your team on-site.

Compliance and Privacy Education

MediaPRO security and privacy training solutions are used by organizations of all sizes to protect sensitive data, more effectively demonstrate compliance, and reduce the risk to their reputation and bottom line.

Unlike phishing-focused security awareness training solutions, MediaPRO covers security, privacy and compliance so you can address a more complete threat landscape.