Custom Risk Analysis Builder

BSI’s custom risk analysis builder allows users to review the results of their supplier or employee assessments and audits, and perform a post-assessment risk review by altering how the Risk Index (RI) was calculated. This allows organizations to analyze risk in numerous ways, providing a truly holistic approach to managing potential global threats. Based on your selection, a map will populate on the page to show the average RI by the selected country and assessment scheme. An interactive bell chart will also be generated to help you construct and manage your desired RI percentages. The custom risk analysis builder will allow you to manipulate the weighting and risk variable selection in the following categories:

  • Geographic Risk
  • Company Profile Indicators
  • Compliance Score
  • Bell Chart & Six Sigma

If the user prefers the new scoring methodology, they will then have the ability to save the new method and use it to rescore all recent assessments, and create a new version of those assessments for review. 

SCM Sreenshot - Custom Risk Analysis Builder