Flood Protection & Waterproofing Materials

Kitemark scheme for flood protection products

The climate is changing around the world. In recent years, we have seen successive flooding in parts of the UK in particular. Protection from flood damage is available for different buildings and situations, through manufacturers of a range of flood defence products.

Performance specifications for two types of product have been developed by HR Wallingford in conjunction with BSI:

  • Removable products for installation as barriers across building apertures (e.g. doors and airbricks)
  • Temporary, free-standing barriers which are assembled close to, but not in contact with, building(s)
  • Property flood skirt systems

Products are tested in a purpose designed test rig at HR Wallingford, and are subjected to a factory test to ensure product quality.

Standards include:

  • PAS 1188-1:2009 - Flood Protection products.  
    Part 1: Building aperture products
  • PAS 1188-2: 2009 - Flood Protection products.  
    Part 2: Temporary and demountable flood protection products
  • PAS 1188-3: 2009 - Flood protection products.  
    Part 3: Buildings & building skirt systems
  • PAS 1188-4: 2009 - Flood protection products.  
    Part 4: Demountable products

Waterproofing materials for roofing

When testing these products, BSI look at their level of waterproofing and if required, their ability to react to fire.  Bitumen basement tanking sheets for use in cellars and basement rooms can also be tested to a Kitemark certification standard.

Standards include:

  • EN 13970
  • Flexible sheets for waterproofing – bitumen water vapour control layers
  • EN 13707
  • Flexible sheets for waterproofing – reinforced bitumen sheets for roof waterproofing
  • EN 13969
  • Flexible sheets for waterproofing – bitumen damp proof sheets, including bitumen basement tanking sheets
  • EN 13249 - Geotextile related products