Practical Information Security and Risk Assessment Training

This course is now available online


A security risk assessment and audit (SRAA), privacy impact assessment (PIA) and privacy compliance audit (PCA) is a systematic assessment of a project that identifies the impact that the project might have on the security risk and privacy of individuals, and sets out recommendations for managing, minimising or eliminating that impact. It’s definitely helpful for implementing ISO 27001 as well as ISO 27701 to facilitate information and privacy security.

Who should attend?

  • Information Security Managers
  • IT and Corporate Security Managers
  • Corporate Governance Managers
  • Risk and Compliance Managers
  • Information Security Consultants
  • Suppliers for QPS project

How will I benefit?

  • describe how personal information flows in a project
  • analyse the possible impacts on individuals’ privacy and security risk
  • identify and recommend options for avoiding, minimising or mitigating negative privacy and security risk mpacts
  • build privacy and security considerations into the design of a project
  • achieve the project’s goals while minimising the negative privacy and security impacts

What is included?

  • Lunch & Refreshments 
  • Training notes
  • Certificate of attendance

Course flyer

PIA course flyer