Internal Auditor Course to ISO / IEC 27001

Information security is now recognised as an important business process which if not managed correctly and efficiently may impact upon an organisations ability to deliver its products and services to their customers. Just as important lack of security has the potential to impact upon revenues. The highly specialised skills and practical knowledge needed to assess an organisation's capability in managing all aspects of information security is one that can be learnt. This innovative two-day course provides a solid foundation in all aspects of the audit process. Stage by stage delegates are taken through a structured programme that includes a balance of theory and practise using a combination of workshops and practical exercises enabling delegates to gain an understanding of the key activities for auditing.

Who should attend ?

  • The course is aimed at personnel who already have an understanding of ISO/IEC 27001 (Delegates who do not have this understanding are recommended to attend the 1 day Introduction Training Course)
  • Managers who are co-ordinating audit activities
  • Persons who have been given the responsibility to audit an Information Security Management System
  • Existing auditors who wish to refresh their skills 

What will I learn ?

  • To show how an understanding of ISO/IEC 27001, will provide the basis for audits
  • Through sessions and exercises, delegates will be able to identify the stages of audits
    - Principles of auditing
    - Managing an audit programme
    - Audit activities
    - Initiating the audit
    - Preparing for audit
    - Conducting audit
    - Finalising the audit
    - Audit follow-up

Benefits to Your Business