Introduction to ISO 50001

This one-day course provides a general overview of the concepts, requirements and benefits of using an energy management system based on the ISO 50001 standard. An experienced instructor will discuss the requirements outlined in ISO 50001 and explain how developing and systematically managing policies and procedures can improve energy efficiency, help to achieve targets, and reduce energy costs. Moreover, the course will highlight the value of integrating ISO 50001 with other management systems, such as ISO 14001.

Who should attend ?

  • Senior Management
  • Employees responsible for energy management
  • Those interested in improving energy performance and energy efficiency
  • Individuals who want to know more about ISO 50001.


What will I learn ?

Upon completion of this training, you will be able to:

  • Discuss the purpose of an energy management system
  • Explain the benefits of an energy management system
  • Describe the requirements of ISO 50001

Benefits to Your Business

  • Build awareness and understanding of best practice energy management
  • Reduce energy costs and improve energy performance
  • Meet energy performance targets and legal requirements with confidence
  • Appreciate ISO 50001 as international best practice for energy management
  • Recognize that ISO 50001 can be integrated with other management systems to save resources



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