Internal Auditor to ISO 14001

The monitoring of Environmental Management Systems (EMS) seems to change with every day that passes. So how do you keep pace? This two-day non-residential course trains auditors in EMS auditing methodologies and gives them the skills they need to ensure they keep up with current thinking on best practice.

Who should attend ?

  • Personnel taking on internal auditing responsibilities for ISO 14001
  • Auditors of other management systems now looking to address ISO 14001. 

What will I learn ?

  • Conduct an internal audit of an Environmental Management System
  • Follow through complex audit trails and identify discrepancies
  • Report and propose corrective action

Benefits to Your Business

A thoroughly trained EMS Internal Auditor with the skill set to:

  • Complete complex audit trails
  • Identify any possible EMS discrepancies
  • Report and propose corrective action. 

What is included?

This course includes a high level of interactivity during presentations on:

  • Requirements of ISO 14001
  • Interviewing styles
  • Use of audit protocols
  • Compliance verification strategies
  • Case studies of current best practice
  • Managing the on-site auditing process as team leader
  • Maximising the effectiveness of the audit team.
  • BSI's perspective of emerging trends.