PAS 2050 Product Carbon Footprint Calculation

This course is to build delegates’ competence in carbon footprint calculation of products/services according to requirements set out from the internationally recognized standard (PAS 2050). 

Who should attend ?

  • Those who need an overview of carbon footprinting of their products/services
  • Those who want to calculate and report on their carbon footprint 
  • Those who want to develop a carbon management strategy 
  • Those who want to produce reports for certification 

What will I learn ?

Through the course, the delegates shall expect benefits to:

  • identify opportunities for improving energy efficiency, which shall directly reduce costs and greenhouse gas emissions;
  • result a carbon footprint reduction at corporate level from integrating the reduced greenhouse gas emissions from various stages including material supplies, product design, processing, manufacturing, transportation, usage, & final disposal.

demonstrate leadership and responsibility from corporate level to meet the general customer demands nowadays for disclosure of carbon footprint information, and also to match the market trend to ‘buy green products’. 


By understanding carbon footprint calculation methodology from a life-cycle assessment perspective, it shall facilitate the end-to-end process to maintain and continually improve carbon footprint reduction for the concerned products/services. Development of the carbon footprint inventory shall significantly help the strategic planning from corporate or commercial level. 

What is included?

  • You will gain 8 CPD hours
  • Training course notes
  • Lunch
  • Refreshments
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