How BS ISO 39001 contributes to Road Traffic Safety

30 May 2018

Based on the bus accident occurred lately*, the government was being challenged of:

  • not operating ISO39001 to meet the safety and social responsibility target
  • no big changes on supervising on road safety system since the serious bus accidents occurred in 2012

The awareness of ISO 39001 is no longer negligible. Understanding the standard of ISO 39001 and its implementation are necessary for an organisation. 

So, what is BS ISO 39001?


BS ISO 39001 sets out the minimum requirements for a Road Traffic Safety Management System. Governments, road authorities, road safety groups, and private companies were keen to develop such a standard due to the growing road deaths and injury each year.

Your BS ISO 39001 Journey


And here, BSI can help you to operate ISO39001 in your organisation.