What are the advantages of the TickITplus scheme?

TickITplus offers many advantages: 

  • It is based on process capability, providing the opportunity to progress to higher levels of maturity to drive improvement
  • It has a wider scope than software development - there are currently 8 scope profiles, including IT Service Management and Information Security Management
  • It provides a framework for integration of your ISO 9001 certification with other related IT standards e.g. ISO/IEC 20000-1, ISO/IEC 27001

What is the deadline for transitioning to TickITplus?

The deadline for organizations to transition to TickITplus is 30 November 2014; however it is important that you start the transition process well before the deadline with the aim of completing transition by the end of September 2014. If you do not make the transition before December 2014, your certification will revert to ISO 9001.

What is involved in the TickITplus transition?

We provide a transitional assessment approach for existing TickIT users, which can provide a cost-effective solution during routine assessment visits. This service is not available during initial or certification renewal assessments.
Initially the transition will be to Foundation level, however higher levels of maturity will be available in the future.Your Client Manager can talk you through the process and discuss timescales relevant to your organization.

Are there any costs involved?

There will be some additional costs associated with your organization's transition to TickITplus, however there is an opportunity to offset this cost by training and registering your staff as TickITplus practitioners, which would then allow them to form part of the external assessment team, according to the scheme rules.

Who can I talk to about getting stated with my transition?

Your BSI TickIT Client Manager will be able to discuss your transition plans and help you get started.