Green Deal for installers

The Green Deal represents a real commercial opportunity for you to expand your market, whether you’re a large company or a sole trader, by installing energy efficient measures in homes and businesses throughout the UK. 

What is a Green Deal Installer?

It will be your job to install energy efficient measures recommended by the Green Deal advisor. Once the property assessment is complete and the financial plan has been approved, the next step is to make the energy efficiency improvements. Green Deal installers will have plenty of customer contact, reassuring them of the integrity of your services before and after the installation process. 

How do I become a Green Deal Installer?

BSI can help you to become certified to PAS 2030 for the measures you want to install. You also need to sign and operate by the Green Deal Code of Practice. Once you’ve achieved both of these measures, you’ll receive your Green Deal Quality Mark – something your customers will look out for. 

Existing BSI certified Window Installer?

If you have been certified by BSI as a Window Installer then becoming Green Deal certified is quick and easy. Contact us to find out how:

What is PAS 2030?

This is the specification for installing energy efficiency measures, managing the installation process and overall customer service. It’s the easiest way to achieve best practice in all of these areas. If you certify to PAS 2030 you can clearly demonstrate that you’re qualified to fulfill your role in the Green Deal plan.

Why choose BSI?

BSI is one of the first wave of UKAS accredited Certification bodies for the Green Deal appointed by DECC (The Department of Energy and Climate Change) to certify providers, installers and advice organizations. We have also helped to develop a standard (PAS 2030) for Green Deal installers.