Explore energy management

Explore energy management

Standards, at the heart of energy efficiency
Enabling better business every day

Standards at the heart of energy efficiency
Enabling better business every day

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Explore energy saving approaches
Explore energy saving approaches
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Reducing your energy costs

As energy prices surge, organizations of all sizes are seeing their bills increase rapidly. From high street shops to multi-nationals, even if you're not a high energy user, these price hikes can put a strain on your bottom line and reduce your ability to invest and grow. Standards can help you understand how energy efficient you are and provide expert guidance to help you start reducing your consumption.


Reduce your energy consumption

If you want to take steps to reduce your energy bills, this is the place to start. Download our guide to energy management systems and see how they can help you become more energy efficient.


How an EnMS can benefit your organization

Find out how an energy management system can add value to your organization by reducing your costs and improving your reputation. Plus, see how standards can make implementing an EnMS easier and more effective.

Benefits for your business

The benefits of an EnMS

  • Significantly reduce your energy costs

  • Better understand your actual energy usage

  • Find new ways to reduce your energy consumption

  • Improve your carbon footprint now and in the future

  • Reduce the risk of future energy price shocks

  • Focus your whole team on reducing energy consumption

  • Boost your sustainability credentials

ISO 50001 or ISO 50005: which is right for you?

There are two core standards that support the implementation of an EnMS. Both have the same goal of helping your organization continually improve energy efficiency, but they allow you to approach this goal in different ways.

Download your free copy of ISO 50005 now 

Get started on your journey to better energy management today. As part of its commitment to supporting UK small and medium size businesses, the Department for Business, Energy, and Industrial Strategy (BEIS) has sponsored the giveaway of 100,000 free copies of ISO 50005.

Download now


Take your next step towards better energy efficiency


Not sure where to start? Our 'next steps' guide explains how implementing an EnMS through standards can help you make some big ‘quick wins’.


Implementing an EnMS



Implementing ISO 50005

Download our guide to implementing ISO 50005, setting out a framework for adopting the standard and an EnMS across your organization in the most efficient way.


Implementing ISO 50001

Providing core concepts, a step-by-step breakdown, top tips and more, this guide offers an overview of ISO 50001 implementation, from planning and execution to certification.

Get in touch

To find out more about energy management standards like ISO 50005 and ISO 50001 or if you have questions about implementation, certification or anything else, visit BSI Knowledge or get in touch today.

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