Security Industry Authority (SIA) Business Licensing

Meet the Security Industry Authority’s (SIA)’s proposed new regulatory requirements for the private security industry. With BSI you can demonstrate your organization is competent to supply security industry services in the private security industry and:

  • Simplify your licensing
  • Prove your competency
  • Improve efficiency

How do I get a SIA business licence?

The Government is prosposing to mandate that all regulated businesses will require a business licence as soon as possible after the next Parliamentary session starting in May 2015BSI offers three pathways for you to gain a SIA business licence, which helps you demonstrate the competence of your organization to deliver security services. 

Client Case studies

Make the most of your certification

As a BSI client you can access a number of resources designed to help you get the most out of your certification. You’ll get regular updates on the latest developments in standards and management systems as well as our training courses and events. The support you receive from your client manager will continue alongside business reviews to help your organization maintain its competitive edge and to continually improve.