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 Background experience

Stephen is a certified Six Sigma Master Black Belt (and Project Champion), qualified Systems
Practitioner and Lean expert having spent 14 years applying, mentoring and teaching the subjects. Stephen also has extensive knowledge of Quality Management Systems and Project Management. His experience was gained in both manufacturing and transactional organisations namely:
• Aerospace
• Automotive
• Pharmaceuticals
• Human Resources
• Administration
• Logistics

Career experience

Stephen served 14 years as an Officer with the West Midlands Police to then leave and study law and, having done so, found his real passion and forte in life that is business and organisational improvement.

Education and Training
• LL. B. (Law Degree)
• OU - Diploma in Systems Thinking and Practice
• C & G Adult Teacher Training Certificate
• Design for Six Sigma
• BSI ISO9001 Lead Auditor
• Problem Solving as a Test Administrator for Mensa
• OU - Psychology
• OU - Several Mathematics and Problem Solving courses to give depth and breadth to improvement methodologies.

Auditing and Continual Improvement

Stephen drives ISO9001 as the Continual Improvement methodology that it is and combines the Lean, Six Sigma and Systems Practice philosophies to achieve the most practical and efficient results possible. Stephen has been the principal in instigating and developing the new course ‘Maximising 9001’ that is now part of the BSI training portfolio.