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Welcome to our first newsletter of 2016. We hope that you find the newsletter informative.

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Clients BAM Construct UK Ltd and Skanska UK achieve verification to PAS 1192-2

From 2016, all government building and infrastructure projects in the UK will require BIM Level 2 compliance. In December we launched a verification scheme for PAS 1192-2Information management for the capital/delivery phase of construction projects. BAM Construct UK Ltd and Skanska UK are the first two companies to be independently assessed by BSI and achieve verification.

BIMThe scheme has been developed in order to provide contractors and their supply chain with evidence that they have the capability to deliver projects using Building Information Modelling (BIM). BIM technology is considered invaluable to the delivery of a construction project since it provides a common single and coordinated source of structured information throughout the lifecycle of a project and can deliver significant cost savings and efficiencies both during the design/construction and handover stages.

Colin Pryor, UK Business Systems and Quality Manager at BAM Construct UK Ltd comments: "We're delighted to have received verification to PAS 1192-2 by BSI. BIM is a major driver influencing the direction of the construction industry both in the UK and abroad and we're pleased that we've been able to work with BSI during the development of this scheme. In addition, with the UK government requiring all centrally procured government contracts to be compliant with BIM Level 2 by 2016, this verification will provide assurance to those within our supply chain that we are capable of delivering projects using BIM."

David Throssell, BIM & Digital Engineering Operations Manager, Skanska UK said: "We're very pleased to be one of the first companies to be verified by BSI to PAS 1192-2. This allows us to demonstrate to our customers and supply chain that we have the capability to deliver projects using BIM.  We've worked closely with BSI to ensure that the verification scheme adds value and addresses the key challenges that the construction industry faces around BIM."


Andy Butterfield, Global Head of Construction, Product Certification at BSI comments: "BAM and Skanska should be proud that they are the first companies to be verified by BSI to PAS 1192-2.
"This verification scheme will be of huge benefit  to construction companies involved in public sector projects as well as those companies within the construction supply chain including private sector building, civil, infrastructure, refurbishment and new-build projects both in the UK and abroad. The new schemes have been developed in collaboration with industry stakeholders to ensure that they add value and address the key issues which will help the construction industry with BIM implementation."

BSI's training offering will support the scheme to ensure the requirements of PAS 1192-2 are fully understood and effectively implemented throughout the organization.

BSI training courses now available for BIM

Developed in conjunction with leading industry consultants, our BIM training courses provide the most relevant and up-to-date information in the market. Developed by BIM experts, our training courses are fully aligned with the Learning Outcome Framework as identified by the BIM Task Group, and can help kick start your journey towards verification.

BSI BIM Webinar - 3 March

Our new BIM webinar series kicks off on 3 March. For anyone looking to understand more about BIM, the standards, training and verification, why not join the BSI BIM team to understand the architecture of our new verification for PAS 1192-2, learn about how this relates to supply chains, and discover BIM training courses which align with the BIM Task Group’s Learning Outcome Framework.

If you would like to find out more about our BIM verification scheme today, please visit our webpage which includes useful downloads for you to share with colleagues:

Where are we exhibiting in 2016?

Come and meet our experts at:

Secured by Design Training event - 2-3 March

BIM Scotland Conference, Holyrood - 16 March

The FIT show, The International Centre, Telford, stand 247 - 12-14 April

Ecobuild, Excel London, stand E4058 - 8-10 March

Thursday 10 March -
12:30pm - Rob Hine presentation at Specifier Live:
"What is the BSI Kitemark and how can it provide peace of mind?"

2:30pm - Andy Butterfield presentation at the Digital Building Hub:
"BSI's BIM solutions. Enabling construction companies to prove BIM capability."

EcobuildFit Show




Plus we'll be running special events and webinars with a focus on BIM, collaborative working and other industry topics throughout 2016.

Promote your certification

Are you maximising the full value of your certification? If it's not yet part of your marketing team's plan, we highly recommend that you use your certification - whether it's a BSI Kitemark, or a management system - as a powerful marketing tool to prove to your prospects that they can trust in your products, services and brand.

Here are a few messages that might help you explain your achievement to future prospects (and reassure existing clients):

Certification to a management system such as ISO 9001 tells your prospects that you are:

  • Embedding best practice
  • Meeting recognised standards
  • Reducing risk for your clients and stakeholders
  • Driving continual improvement
  • Driving efficiency through clear policies and procedures
  • Managing compliance
  • Delivering higher customer satisfaction
  • Delivering trusted products or services

For clients with one or more BSI Kitemarks, you can use them to explain to clients about the quality of your products and the consistency delivered through ongoing sample testing.

BSI Kitemark for manufacturers offers peace of mind as it is evidence of:

  • Consistency of performance of your products, independently tested by BSI against recognised industry standards
  • Your commitment to using current standards to benchmark your products
  • Your on-going commitment to quality manufacturing, with samples tested annually
  • Your dedication to reducing risk and due diligence
  • Your commitment to efficient manufacturing and reduction of waste
  • Your customer focused approach
  • Reassurance of money well spent
  • Clear choice for the end user: BSI Kitemark products and services are listed on

Share your achievement by promoting your marketing logos in literature, within your exhibition stand design, on your website, and encourage your sales team to use it as a conversation starter too.

Overbury and Costain Group share their experiences of transitioning to the newly revised standards for ISO 9001 and ISO 14001

We interviewed our clients recently to understand why the new standards are better for their business, how they prepared, and the benefits of an early transition. You can view their experiences on the links below.

The new versions of the standards are great tools for companies and deliver multiple benefits. There are some important changes in the new standards, but they are designed to be more relevant to the way we do business today, and to deliver results.

Technical update

For clients with a BSI Kitemark for window and door installation - BS 8213-4:2007 superseded by BS 8213-4:2016

The new version of BS 8213-4 has been published and is now available. For clients with a BSI Kitemark, the process for certification transfer will now commence and we aim to reissue all licenses within a six month period.

The key changes to the 2007 version  of BS8213-4 are as follows:

  • updating of recommendations to reflect changes to legislation
  • updating of recommendations to reflect changes in glazing, sealant and construction techniques
  • introduction of guidance on hazardous materials. 

For clients who wish to find out more information, please contact:

ISO 11000 Webinar - 9 March

BS 11000 Collaborative business relationships is becoming an ISO. Join this webinar to hear about the development of the standard and the new requirements, based on the Draft International Standard published in January.

BS 11000

In business, as in other walks of life, teamwork is the key to success. Companies that work together can often achieve much more than alone. Collaborative working can be great for your business as it gives you access to more services, more opportunities to win business, resources to compete for bigger contacts, and helps to build sustainable relationships that see organizations working together to get the job done on time and in budget.

BS 11000 is a framework which supports long term, productive relationships with suppliers and strategic partners by helping to:

  • Define roles and responsibilities
  • Facilitate the sharing of information, costs, resources, skillsand risks
  • Speed up decision making
  • Lead to the best business outcome for all involved

Are you interested in finding out more about our products and services for the construction industry? Please visit our dedicated webpage