BSI Kitemark™ Vehicle Damage Repair News June 2013

New group pricing structure now launched to help drive down costs

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We launched a new pricing initiative in April to recognize groups with multiple sites who adopt the same management process.

This new approach forms part of our continued commitment to the BSI Kitemark scheme for Vehicle Damage Repair. It supports the price freeze for 2013 we announced on both day rates and the licence fee at the end of last year.

Available to all new and existing clients, the new variable pricing structure is triggered by volume thresholds and is designed to offer an overall cost saving for body shops owned or affiliated to a registered company.

If a group falls into more than one banding due to the number of sites, additional discount is applied to the sites which fall into the next banding. The combined discount is shared equally across all sites.

Here’s how the tiered discount structure works:

Number of repairs (Multiple site banding)

Rate per site


Standard rate


15% reduction against standard rate


20% reduction agaianst standard rate


25% reduction against standard rate


30% reduction against standard rate

There will also be no change to the way in which you receive your licence fee invoice from us. You will be billed at your usual anniversary date and there will be no transition to move your invoice date to 1st April.

If you have any queries with the new pricing scheme, please email us.

Your new publicity toolkit. Use it to boost your business

BSI stationery

You’ve worked hard to earn the BSI Kitemark so you’ll want to get the most out of this achievement and make it work for you and your business. Your new publicity toolkit can help, which we sent recently to all clients.

We know that the BSI Kitemark is a powerful mark of quality. Since it was created in 1903 it’s been used to help reassure the public wherever there has been a need to demonstrate quality, safety and trust in a product or service. And we want to give you the best tools to help you associate your repairs with this powerful quality mark.

Easy and flexible to use, in the toolkit you’ll find a range of templates to help encourage word of mouth promotion, and tools to help you achieve repeat business. Plus we’ve combined this with powerful research which proves what the BSI Kitemark means to the motorist too, giving you hard facts to explain why they should choose you as a BSI Kitemark approved repairer.

In this toolkit you will find:

  • Access to your BSI Kitemark for Vehicle Damage Repair logo
  • Guidelines on how to use the BSI Kitemark logo
  • Customer friendly persuasive messaging
  • Free images for you to use to promote your business.

Ready to use promotional templates to help attract new business and encourage existing customers to spread the word. These include:

  • Web banner adverts
  • Email marketing template
  • Postcards
  • Mini certificate
  • Mirror hanger

How does it work?

All the materials in the CD are free for you to use. In the toolkit you will also find printed samples to give you an idea of what the postcards, mirror hanger and mini certificate will look like. You can add the BSI Kitemark to your existing promotional materials. Or use our templates to help attract new business and encourage word of mouth marketing.

We really want you to get the most out of the BSI Kitemark for your business and we’re keen to make sure that the materials are relevant.

If you have any feedback, suggestions or would like us to review any specific messaging, please email us with your enquiry and we will be happy to support.

We’d particularly like to thank Malcolm Banner of the National Accident Repair Group, Tracy Howard of Howard Basford and Tim Clarke of Howard Basford, Birkenhead, for their support and the use of the Howard Basford Birkenhead body shop for the production of photography.

New clients make excellence a habit through achieving the BSI Kitemark™

Congratulations to our new clients who have achieved their BSI Kitemark since we sent our last newsletter. For the complete list of BSI Kitemark approved repairers, you can visit where we promote all clients with the BSI Kitemark.

  • KM 541045 Boundary Garage
  • KM 592369 Snows Motor Group Limited
  • KM 595586 Scott Bros
  • KM 592191 AutoVilla Limited

We know from recent research that one of the ways in which the motorist finds their repairer is through online research.  In order to drive consumer awareness of the scheme we’ve been running an online advertising campaign exclusively for motorists who are searching for a vehicle repairer, delivering between 500 and 1000 click throughs to the website every month since January of this year. 

In order that potential customers can reach you, please take a moment to make sure your details are correct, especially your website address and telephone number. If any information needs changing, please email us.

Celebrating success of our clients within the vehicle repair industry

From the recent WNS Assistance Supplier Awards, and the British Body shop Awards which we attended recently, we’d like to send our warm congratulations to all our clients who took part including those who were award winners.

WNS Assistance Supplier Awards 2013

Both the overall winner and runner up to this year’s WNS Assistance Supplier Awards were BSI Kitemark approved repairers. The awards recognise the top repairers within the approved network of repairers. Many congratulations to N K Accident Repair Centre and Motorbelle.

Overall winner: N.K. Accident Repair Centre of Chilwell in Nottingham

Runner-up: Motorbelle, of Hazlemere, near High Wycombe.

British Bodyshop Awards 2013

We attended the British Body shop Awards recently. Organized by the ABP club and held in May this year, over half of all winners were either BSI Kitemark approved repairers, or belong to groups which have many repairers in their network who have the BSI Kitemark. These included:

Presenting Company: Ageas 

Award: Best Solution to a Customer Predicament

Winner: Parkford Coachworks, Taplow 

Presenting Company: Ageas 

Award: Best Business Relationship

Winner: Grimshaw & Wake, London 

Presenting Company: CAR Network 

Award: Approved Repairer of the Year

Winner: Howard Basford, Formby 

Presenting Company: Citroën 

Award: Customer Service 

Winner: Cambridge Garage, Fareham 

Presenting Company: Covéa Insurance 

Award: Repairer of the Year

Winner: Apollo Group  

Presenting Company: Direct Line Insurance Group 

Award: Best for Customer 

Winner: G L Coachworks, Sidcup 

Presenting Company: Direct Line Insurance Group 

Award: Outstanding Achievement 

Winner: Veetec Group 

Presenting Company: Direct Line Insurance Group 

Award: Repairer of the Year 

Winner: AutoTech Group, High Wycombe

Presenting Company: Innovation Group

Award: Staff Special Recognition

Winner: H B Panelcraft, Preston 

Presenting Company: Innovation Group

Award: Top Performing Bodyshop

Winner: G Woolacott & Son (Fix Auto Mid Devon) 

Presenting Company: National Accident Repair Group 

Award: Group Member of the Year

Winner: SMS Garages, Cardiff

Presenting Company: National Accident Repair Group 

Award: Associate Member of the Year

Winner: Mitchell Inglis, Glasgow 

Presenting Company: Nationwide Network Services 

Award: Bodyshop of the Year

Winner: KC Autos, Winsford 

Presenting Company: Quindell 

Award: Bodyshop of the Year 

Winner: Three Ways Crash Repair Centre, Peterborough

Presenting Company: Thatcham 

Award: Excellence in Training Support 

Winner: Tom Callnon – Nationwide Crash Repair Centres

Presenting Company: Vizion Network 

Award: Bodyshop of the Year 

Winner: Ashford Accident Repair Centre

Presenting Company: Zurich Insurance Group 

Award: Repairer Excellence 

Winner: Nationwide Crash Repair Centre, Daventry - for the second consecutive year.

Again many congratulations to all.

The BSI Kitemark helps Pentagon Group win new business

The Pentagon Group Accident Repair business aims to deliver a high level of service through its network of Accident Repair Centres, with a clear emphasis on safe repair. Achieving the BSI Kitemark™ for Vehicle Damage Repair has enabled Pentagon Group to increase market access, open up new opportunities for business growth, and deliver and maintain high quality service and workmanship for its customers.

Read the full case study

If you would like us to help promote your business through our website by producing a case study, please email us for more details. 

What’s next? Look out for us at these events

We’ll be busy promoting the BSI Kitemark at Company Car in Action and exhibiting at the Thatcham Repair Focus and ABP Club National meeting in June. If you’re attending please come and visit us.

Company Car in Action, Millbrook, 11th-12th June

We’ll be busy promoting the BSI Kitemark for Vehicle Damage Repair at the Company Car in Action event coming up on the 11th and 12th June at Millbrook.

Find out more

Thatcham Repair Focus and ABP Club national meeting, 13th June

We’ll be exhibiting at the Thatcham Repair Focus and ABP club on 13th June, to be held at Thatcham. If you’re attending we would be delighted to see you.

Find out more

Our grateful thanks go to Tim Clarke and Howard Basford, Birkenhead, for the kind use of their body shop in the production of photography.