PAS 125 Newsletter December 2012

Charges for Kitemark Vehicle Damage Repair frozen in 2013

In order to support our customers, both our day rates and licence fee for 2013 have been frozen at the current 2012 rates. 

In addition we have already stopped the additional half day charges for our Northern Ireland customers so that there is a consistent pricing scheme wherever our customers are located.

We will continue to offer transparent pricing and value for money, and make adjustments as necessary to support the scheme and the industry.

What the motorist tells us

New independent consumer research conducted earlier this year tells us that the Kitemark for Vehicle Damage Repair gives the motorist greater confidence in the quality of the repairs.

Over 80 per cent of survey respondents confirmed they would be more comfortable using a garage that had achieved a BSI Kitemark for Vehicle Damage Repair.

With this high response in mind, it’s important to recognise the value of the Kitemark and what it means as a result to the motorist. And it’s interesting to note that this recognition goes right across the age range of drivers questioned, from 16 and upwards. 

The survey also identified that low levels of consumer confidence were underlined by a staggering 94 per cent of respondents stating they would support unannounced inspections to make sure bodyshop standards remain habitually high. As the Kitemark scheme follows this approach, which is not offered by other certification schemes, this is an important message of real confidence for the consumer.

Please feel free to share this good news message in your own promotions.

*An independent study conducted in Great Britain via OnLineBus, an Internet omnibus survey. A sample of 923 GB adults aged 16+ were interviewed. Interviewing was conducted by online self-completion from 11th – 15th October 2012.

Your new logo and further support

We recently sent you a note about the new logo for the scheme. If you haven’t already, make sure the new logo is highly visible on your website.

Don’t forget it’s available for you to download at the Just for Customers website.

Need help downloading the logo?

If you need help logging in to Just for Customers, please call +44 845 080 9000 and choose option 3 for customer services.

Plaques and presentation certificates

In response to feedback from our clients, we’ve recently issued presentation certificates as well as new plaques free of charge. If you haven’t already, use these to let your customers know that you take their safety seriously and to show you've in invested in a scheme they can trust.

Publicity toolkit

We’re also busy working on a new publicity toolkit. Look out for this in the new year.

Congratulations to our new Clients

We’re pleased to welcome on board new clients to the Kitemark scheme for Vehicle Damage Repair. The scheme forms part of the Kitemark family which includes over 3000 clients who have achieved certification across multiple schemes, both in the UK and worldwide.

Congratulations to all!

  • KM 581684 Carcraft Body Repairs
  • KM 530843 Tressler Trailers Coachworks Ltd
  • KM 587838 Banbury Bodyshope Services
  • KM 581684 Carcraft Body Repairs
  • KM 561983 Bougourd Ford
  • KM 561923 Lindsay Ford (Belfast)
  • KM 561924 Lindsay Ford (Lisburn)
  • KM 587684 Clare James Automotive Ltd
  • KM 590741 Tavistock Accident Repair
  • KM 588126 Shine!
  • KM 583819 Mon Motors Accident Repair
  • KM 590914 Millican Motors Ltd
  • KM 574282 Elite Carbody
  • KM 588119 Autotech Smart Repairs Ltd
  • KM 582658 Andrew Symms Car Body Repairs
  • KM 588027 ABL Kent Ltd
  • KM 590320 Kerr & Smith Ltd
  • KM 586950 Fred Smith & Sons (Motor Bodies) Ltd
  • KM 589925 Bedford Body Shop Ltd
  • KM 591196 Jemca Bracknell
  • KM 582325 Motorcare
  • KM 592382 Just Car Clinic

See the full directory of clients who have achieved the Kitemark™ for Vehicle Damage Repair.

Proposed Vehicle Damage Repair Group

BSI continues to work with business experts, government bodies, trade associations and consumers to capture best practice and structure the knowledge all organisations need to succeed. We therefore would welcome industry feedback on the development of a possible forum in support of industry discussion, effective marketing and customer service. The suggested ‘Vehicle Damage Repair Development Group’ proposes to draw together industry experts (including bodyshops, insurance companies, distributors, leasing and rental companies amongst others) to share best practice in the vehicle damage repair industry.

If you are interested in getting involved, please contact us via email at If there is appetite for the group, we envisage a first meeting taking place in February 2013.