Standards development briefings.
Standards Outlook 2017

We're pleased to announce the publication of our fourth annual standards development briefing, 'Standards Outlook 2017'.

Our theme for this year’s Standards Outlook is digital. The digitization of industry provides huge opportunities to find new innovations, new products and services and new solutions to the challenges of productivity, ageing societies and security.

The publication provides a snapshot of the breadth and depth of recent standards development work across all sectors within the digital space, and the impact that this has had. Standards Outlook 2017 also looks forward to the work that our standards committees will be doing which will influence, shape and develop the standards that support UK business and society, as well as the global business standards that these go on to become.

At BSI we believe that standards and standards makers matter. We see huge potential for voluntary, market driven standards to power innovation and growth, strengthen businesses and to deliver better social, economic and environmental outcomes for all. 

Whether you have ideas for new standards, comments about existing work, suggestions for the future, or feedback on this publication, please get in touch with us.