Customer Service Kitemark™

The Customer Service Kitemark™ is an independent assessment and endorsement of an organization’s customer service offering within an ISO 9001 framework.

It’s designed to assess the documented process and implementation of your management system, identify training needs, distribution channels, and responsibilities, and enable certified organizations to display a Customer Service Kitemark - which 62% of the UK public associate with quality, trust and reliability.

Achieve the Customer Service Kitemark to prove that your organization takes customer service to the next level:

  • Clearly demonstrate an organization-wide customer-focused approach
  • Prove levels of customer service are being met or exceeded
  • Enable your business to be competitive in the marketplace
  • Increase customer's trust and build customer loyalty

The Customer Service Kitemark can be the differentiator for your company.

What is the Customer Service Kitemark?

The Customer Service Kitemark enables your organization to differentiate yourselves from your competition by showing the value you place on customer service, and the work you do to keep customer service a high priority.

To achieve certification, your quality management system (such as ISO 9001) extended to cover customer service, will be assessed together with BS 8477, and your measurement of customer satisfaction.

Once you have achieved certification, you will be able to display the Kitemark and give your customers confidence that you put customers at the heart of your organization.

This should also encourage customer loyalty. “Satisfactory” service just isn’t good enough any longer. Consumers are demanding more and this doesn’t necessarily mean they want to be delighted – they just want to be dealt with quickly and easily.

  • 40% of customers begin purchasing from a competitor because of their reputation for great customer service (source: Zendesk)
  • 58% are willing to spend more on companies that provide excellent customer service (source: American Express)
  • 20% of “satisfied” customers do not intend to repeat their business (source: Harvard Business Review)

Customer Service Kitemark: standards and code of practice

ISO 9001 Quality Management (QMS)

The world’s most widely recognized Quality Management System (QMS) helps organizations to meet the expectations and needs of their customers, and this has even greater significance in the 2015 revision of the standard

BS 8543 Complaint handling in organizations

BS 8543 provides a specification for the design and implementation of an effective and efficient complaint-handling process. If complaints are properly handled and managed, an organization can improve its reputation, enhance customer satisfaction, build customer loyalty and retain customers.

BS 8477 Code of practice for customer service

This code of practice for customer service sets out essential principles for establishing and maintaining effective customer service, and provides recommendations on applying these principles.

Why BSI?

The Kitemark is only available from BSI and our impartiality and independence help uphold its core values of quality, safety and trust.

We established the first complaints management system standard in 1999 (BS 8600). This provided the foundations for the international standard ISO 10002, and we recently launched certification to BS 8543: Complaint Handling in Organizations in 2015. We were also the founders of what is now known as the world's leading quality management system: ISO 9001, and industry leaders in this field.

We can use this experience and knowledge to help you become an expert in managing customer complaints and customer satisfaction, enabling you to display your own Customer Service Kitemark.

BSI Customer Service Kitemark