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Global energy storage landscape - Workers inspect gas storage plant, in Hampshire, England
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Global energy storage landscape

Uncover the role energy storage has in driving the UK toward its net-zero commitment by 2050, and gain insights into the challenges and opportunities.

Start your journey into the heart of the energy storage revolution.

Discover how energy storage drives decarbonization in the UK, propelling us toward the 2050 net-zero goal and learn about international perspectives.

  • Shape your understanding of energy storage's impact on UK's climate goals.

  • Seize opportunities in the evolving energy storage landscape.

  • Explore pathways to support and expand the energy storage sector.


  • Contributor

    Scott McGregor, CEO, Birdwood Energy

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Harness the potential of energy storage for UK's climate goals.

Join us to uncover how investors, organizations, and policymakers can pave the way for an energy storage future that's vibrant and impactful.

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