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Aerial view of a container ship passing beneath a suspension bridge
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Building supply chain resilience across sectors

Ventilator demand surged during COVID-19. Manufacturers adapted with parallel supply chains, collaborating for simultaneous component production.

Highlighting the significant benefits of cross-sector collaboration

Learn from the remarkable experience of the UK's Ventilator Challenge and explore the immense potential of cross-sector supply chain collaboration.

  • Explore the power of collaboration between sectors to build supply chain resilience.

  • Triumphs and lessons of the UK's Ventilator Challenge in fostering cross-sector cooperation.

  • Understand how digital tools play a vital role in enhancing supply chain resilience.


  • Contributor

    Ben Sheridan, Digital Manufacturing Lead, British Standards Institution

  • Contributor

    Dick Elsy CBE, CEO, High Value Manufacturing, Catapult

  • Contributor

    Rab Scott, Head of Digital, Advanced Manufacturing Research Centre

  • Contributor

    Sam Turner, Chief Technology Officer, High Value Manufacturing

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Strengthen your supply chain resilience

Uncover the possibilities and advantages of working together across sectors to fortify supply chain resilience.

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